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 Brown hat- Forever 21        Some days I have the urge to look nice even when I have nothing to look nice for. The first Saturday of my spring break was one of those days, and I loved the styled outfit so much I decided to snap some pictures and write a blog post all about the juxtaposed look. I wanted to make all of the pieces of this look fit together, even though they all had a bit of a different style. I couldn't be happier with the results.        I woke up with some nice frizzy hair, so this entire look was centered around my brown rimmed hat. I like this hat because of its versatility. It can be worn in the fall and winter because of the dark color, but taken into spring and summer with the lighter texture of the hat. Its perfect for bad hair days, and because of our no hat school dress code, its always fun when I can actually wear a hat.        I started off just wearing this white, semi cropped top, but quickly realized how cold I was going to be. I wanted to b

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