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smart in the summer

Although my summer looks thus far can be easily summed up with a few words; athletic shorts & 2XL t-shirts, this one is the exact opposite. This outfit can easily be worn for something more casual or even something dressier and it's extremely simple. I think anyone could create a variation of this look with just items from their closet!

    The pieces of this outfit are really basic and I think each of them can be styled so many different ways. This white t-shirt is perfect for all seasons. It's super easy to layer and also works so well on its own. Dark denim was the way to go with this light tee and this is my favorite pair. I rolled the legs to work with the loafers and it did the trick! These shoes don't get worn often but they work so well with simple outfits and they're super comfy too. Kept things with my jewelry they way they usually are, but skipped rings and added a few pink bracelets.

Thank you so much for reading and thank you to Ellie for taking …

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