Monday, February 20, 2017

Simple City Sweaters

     It was time for another trip to Chicago! I had so much fun exploring the city with my mom. I packed and planned in about 15 minutes,  and my main goal was comfort, so these aren't the most original outfits. Walking up to 6-7 miles a day doesn't go too well with heeled booties or really anything other than comfy shoes. These two looks are nearly identical, but I loved the small touches! 

      This cream colored sweater is a little heavier, but it has an open knit so I always throw a t-shirt underneath for extra warmth. My jeans have a cool distressing on the back ankle and I love how they accent any flat shoe. Speaking of ankles, even though it looks like it, my ankle was not broken while taking this picture. My sunglasses have bold pink and gold mirror lenses and a dark black cat-eye frame. Lastly, I started the day with my black Stuart Weitzman flats, but ended up changing to be more comfortable.  My go to walking shoes are these slip on Vans.  I have them in 3 colors and wear them at least once a week.  
//Stuart Wietzman Gilligan Flat 

For day 2, I am wearing the same look with a similar white sweater that has a flared sleeve and is open knit. This day I went with a burnt orange bralette and the same jeans. Here is another color of the Vans. I love the bold metallic of them and how easily they can be thrown on. Both days I wore my Alex and Ani bangles, my Apple Watch, and my brown leather cross-body. 

//Alex and Ani Bangles and Ring
//Lucky Brand Brown Leather Fringe Crossbody
//Black Vans Slip Ons

//Gap White flared Sleeve sweater
//American Eagle distressed wash Jeans
//Vans Metallic Slip on (Simliar)
//Quay Australia Avalon Sunglasses
//American Eagle Cream Sweater
//American Eagle Soft and Sexy Tan t-shirt

Hope you enjoyed!
XO- Lo

"People will stare. Make it worth their while." 
-Harry Winston

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Urban Edge

     Sometimes all it takes to make you feel so good is an outfit right outside of your norm. This outfit is perfect for those days you want to look better than ever and super edgy, too. I created this look with basics and added flare with unique accessories. Best idea ever! 
Black and white marble sunnies- Quay Australia 
     Black jeans add instant edge to any look and are the easiest piece to pair. These are actually super comfortable, too because they have a slight stretch. I chose to go without distressing, but that would also add to the trendy look.
Oversized denim jacket- American Eagle
    I have been wearing this oversized jacket for years and I love the fit, wash, and distressing. If opting for dark or black jeans, I love pairing denim on top to bring in color and texture.
     This blush colored t-shirt has been the easiest layering item ever. It's super soft and easy to throw on top of bralettes and bodysuits, but also under sweaters. I went for the blush color to add to the contrast and the cut to compliment the skinny fit jeans. My cream colored body suit added a layered look and also kept me warm all day long. 

Black skinny jeggings- Dear John metro jegging
     My sunglasses are the boldest element of the look. The bright lenses and graphic patterned frames tie well into the edgy accents, along with the dark jeans. This pendant choker adds the smallest touch of glam with a dark leather cord and small jeweled charm. I love the blue detail and how well it ties into the denim jacket. 

     These black boots have been worn so much they're starting to show it. The simple Chelsea style goes with just about everything. I opted for black to keep long clean lines from the jeans down. 

     Trendy doesn't have to be scary! Stick to the basics and add small touches of pattern, color, and unique fit for the best looks. Give it a try and you might just find your self surprised by how "2017" you look! 
Black leather Chelsea boots- Franco Sarto
Blush colored tee-shirt- American Eagle "Soft and Sexy
Cream body suit- Forever 21
Nails- OPI "My gondola or Yours?" 
Black leather cord choker- TJ Maxx

"Dress like you're already famous."

XO- Lo


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Manly Must-haves

     Trying something new never hurt anyone! These are my top fashion essentials for any man. All of these items are affordable, practical, and super easy to find. Shop all the pieces shown in the links below, and find yourself "dressed to the nines" any day of the week. From Christmas parties, to casual hang-outs and day to day wear, these pieces are perfect. 

"Dressing well is a form of good manners"
-Tom Ford

Xo- Lo

Monday, December 5, 2016

Chi-Town Chic

          It can be tough dressing for cold weather. Large coats, big bulky scarves, hats, and gloves can throw a wrench in cute outfits. I made it my mission to find the very best way to tackle the cold. And the cold wasn't my only issue; they don't call it the windy city for nothin'. I successfully dressed to beat the elements and here's how you can too.

Black Long sleeve sweater- Old Navy
Plaid Blanket Scarf- Forever 21

Layers:   I worked with several layers to create a seamless look that actually had me bundled up. Start with a long sleeve t-shirt that can be easily concealed. Add a sweater in a neutral color, and let the thicker layers add the flare. I opted for a fur vest and a plaid blanket scarf to accent my black sweater. This scarf is especially big, (hints the "blanket",) so it was great for keeping the wind off of my face and neck.

Brown floppy hat- Forever 21
Hat:    Winter hats don't have to be the usual beanie type hat. Play around with different shapes, colors and patterns, and find yourself surprised at how warm some other styles can be. This brimmed hat was deeper in color, and thicker in material, so perfect for winter. My head was toasty warm all day.

Jeans:   I don't think you can go wrong with jeans on a cold day. These always seem to be the warmest for me. If you're dealing with extra cold, add a layer under jeans for super warmth. I went with medium wash to offset the black sweater.

Cream Furry Vest- Old Navy
P.S. I know I look like a pack mule, but camera bags are not cute

Shoes:   For this look I chose a small black ankle bootie, but truthfully, if I had a do-over I would have chosen a taller boot. When using larger, thicker, or even flowier layers on top, I typically go for a taller, elongating shoe. This creates a lengthening and slimming affect to offset the upper body. 

Medium Wash Jeans- American Eagle
Black Ankle Boots- Franco Sarto
Black Crossbody bag- Kate Spade

Accessories:   I would let the bold patterns and textures do the talking in this look and shy away from lots of jewelry. Keep things minimal with one tone. Thinner, lighter pieces will keep things from getting cluttered. 

Shop this post-
Black Ankle Booties (similar)
Oversized Plaid Scarf (similar)
Fur Vest (on sale for only $25!)
Black V-Neck Sweater (on sale for $10!) 
 Floppy Hat (Similar) 

Beat cold weather with the best tool you've got: a killer outfit.

"Fashion is just another accessory for someone with great style."
- Unknown

Monday, October 10, 2016

Pattern Play & Daring Denim

    I can remember the first time that I saw denim on denim featured in a fashion magazine. I immediately thought about how much the fashion trend broke every rule I had ever learned about fashion. It was a little like navy and black, shocking at first, but in some cases it really worked. Later, I started noticing lots of bold patterns all used together, complimenting one another and I realized how much fun breaking "the rules of fashion" could be. This look is bold, fun and definitely my new favorite outfit. Along with comfortable, chic, and extra easy, this look is the perfect mixture of a casual weekend outfit and a high fashion combo.  

Denim Shirt: Marshalls- Joan Vass
  Starting with the denim: I found my go to denim shirt about a month ago and I haven't stopped reaching for it. I wanted a medium wash and I bought it a little big so I can wear it many ways. As you can see in the first all-denim outfit, the shirt is longer in the back so it is perfect with leggings or over a t-shirt dress for hotter fall days. In the second look you can see how it works fabulously layered under a sweater and paired with some jeans.  A good denim shirt is a fall must-have and can be found almost anywhere.
Star Sweater- Forever 21
   The key to denim on denim is all in the wash. To make creating a bold outfit easy, try picking opposite wash pieces. If you opt for a light or medium wash shirt/jacket, go for a darker wash jean. Follow the same rule when choosing jeans first. Since my shirt was a medium wash I chose the darkest blue denim I had. This pair is super skinny, but to go super crazy try a bell bottom or even culottes. With these more flared options, try tucking in the shirt for a cleaner, sleeker look.
Jeans- American Eagle

  To tone down my all-denim look I threw on my fun star sweater. This piece is extra unique with the large distressed holes. I found this sweater for super cheap and it can easily be compared to the pricey look-alikes at Wildfox. The large distressing allows the denim to show through but still tames the overall look. To keep the flow of the outfit, try a sweater that is slightly shorter than the shirt underneath. This will create the illusion of a longer figure as the denim flows all the way from collar to ankle.

   I always say that jewelry and shoes can make or break an outfit. I took a leap with another bold pattern in my shoes. These leopard slip-ons are just simple enough that they do not compete with the larger pattern of the sweater. I love how easy they are to throw on. Along with the sweater, these fun shoes finish the outfit with a casual vibe. Rings and a watch were all this outfit needed and I opted for gold tones for a more formal look.   For on the go necessities I grabbed my black hobo cross body bag and used this piece to tie into my gold jewelry.   


Gold Cuff Watch - Kate Spade
Fish wrap around ring- Alex and Ani
Arrow wrap around ring- Alex and Ani
Black Hobo Cross Body- Kate Spade

Leopard Flats- Target (on clearance)
"I don't do fashion, I am fashion."
-Coco Chanel

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Loewy Layers

     Summer time doesn't seem like the best time to layer clothing, but it can work. Surprisingly, layering in the summer doesn't have to be hot, uncomfortable or hard to plan. This layered summer outfit was perfect for sun protection and transitioned perfectly into the night. The lightweight fabrics and cool colors kept the outfit summery, with lots of detail and a boho vibe.
Blush tank top- Forever 21
    I started this entire outfit with a flowy blush colored tank top. This tank is pretty long and starts at the top with a tighter fit, and slowly flares towards the bottom. I love wearing this tank on its own, but it can be difficult to wear with shorts because of the length. If you're not careful it might look like you're not wearing pants.
    The day I was wearing this outfit we decided to spend the day at Forest Park in Saint Louis, MO, and I knew if I didn't cover my shoulders with something I would be burnt by the end of the day. This white sweater was perfect to throw over my tank top. The wide neckline showed the pink straps, and also my cream colored bralette.  The cropped fit of the sweater accented the long tank and gave the perfect layered look. The great thing about this piece is that it can be worn all year long. It's lightweight for summer and spring and can be worn over button ups in the winter and fall.
    In order to juxtapose the look of the preppier white sweater, I opted for some light wash denim boyfriend jeans. Keeping the jeans lighter in color allows the look to stay summery, casual and relaxed.  This pair is the perfect fit, as they're not too loose or too tight, but the perfect mix of both. I rolled them at the ankle to show the ties of my sandals.
Tie-up sandals- Old Navy
     These shoes are a summer must- have. Inexpensive, comfortable and super cute. I have the same pair in black and reach for them often. Sandals like these can be worn with almost any outfit. I love throwing the same pair on with a t-shirt and shorts for a simple look. The brown color of these tie-up shoes is perfect with my hat, and were great for walking in all day long.
   My brown hat is a summer weekend staple. This hat has a sheer material so its not too hot. Its the perfect thing to grab on bad hair days or when I am trying to avoid a sunburn. I reincorporated the bohemian feel from my sandals and tank with this accessory.
    For jewelry, I decided to keep things simple with my usual bracelets, but added a bolder pair of earrings. These larger, more sophisticated pair pulled from the preppiness of my sweater and tied the entire look together. If I were styling this look solely for fashion, I would have chosen a different watch. I went with my apple watch so I could track my steps for the day.
    Layering in the summer doesn't have to be intimidating. Creating dimensional, detailed outfits is possible all year long. Find lightweight staples, easy accessories and year round pieces. Beat the heat looking as fashionably possible.

"Lifes too short to wear boring clothes." 
Large jewel studs- Francesca's

Three gold bangles- Alex and Ani
Bangle with writing- Mantraband   "She believed she could so she did"
Colorful string bracelet- Puravida
Friendship bracelet- Earthbound Trading

White sweater- Tommy Hilfiger
Boyfriend Jeans- Forever 21
Cream bralette- Francesca's

Brown Hat- Forever 21

Sunday, April 17, 2016

2016 Seventies

     You don't have to look far right now to see something  about Coachella, California's biggest music festival. The music, the food, and especially the fashion are all incredible. I can't help but be inspired by the insane looks that channel 1970's vibes along with modern day looks. I decided to create a look that kept with my boho style, yet still felt a little bold, and maybe even be appropriate for a music festival. Actually now that I think about it, it wouldn't be bold enough, but I'm not quite sure that some of the Coachella outfits would go over too well in Illinois.

Off -the- shoulder top- Forever 21
     This was the nicest day thus far in 2016 so I decided to pull out my new off- the- shoulder top. I have extremely broad shoulders, and to be honest,  I have never found this style to be very flattering on me. Until now. This mustard (as gross as that sounds,) floral top is a new favorite. Its elasticized around the shoulders so its actually extremely comfortable and didn't give me any problems throughout the day. I wore this with a strapless bra to avoid straps, but I have seen tops like this paired with bralettes and that were very cute. This shirt does show the scar on my back from the spinal fusion I had last June. I don't focus at all on trying to keep it covered, and I just wear what  I like. This shirt only shows the top part, so its not too much.

Dark wash jeans- American Eagle
   I kept things basic with some dark wash jeans. Honestly, I can't be bothered getting all of my shorts out of storage quite yet, so as long as I am comfortable in jeans, I will wear them. These were a nice contrast to the off -the- shoulder style and I think they were weather appropriate. I would style this top with a pair of high-waisted, distressed shorts in the summer for a cooler look.

Shoes- M.I.A, found at TJ Maxx in KC Missouri
     My shoes are super simple and a new go to for the spring and going into summer. They were super inexpensive and are very comfortable. I really like the criss-crossed design on the top of them, but you should probably avoid these for a day in the sun unless you want a funky tan-line. My toes are a periwinkle color from OPI, but I can't recall the name.
     These sunglasses are so comfortable and great for my face shape. The soft angled shape is really good for the roundness of my face, and I love the color of them. In addition they aren't tight on my face, which is a problem that I often have. I will be wearing these a lot this summer. I kept things simple with my bracelets and went for a bolder one and my everyday bangles. Thanks to Grace for the triangle henna, as it was the perfect touch to my outfit.
Tortoise shell sunglasses- Tory Burch

Black tie dye dress- Gliks

     I decided to add in one other look that was also a little seventies inspired. This dress is amazing to throw on just about any day. I even wore it in the winter with tights and boots. The pink bralette softens the entire look and makes the
outfit springy. The  black sandals tie into the dress with the boho feel and the pink bracelets add another spring touch. I didn't get the chance to take a lot of pictures for this one, so a few will have to do!
      Just remember, you don't need to be at Coachella to make things a little bolder. Grab something you wouldn't usually wear and own it. You might find yourself surprised at just how much you love it.
All bracelets shown- Alex and Ani

"Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway."
Coco Chanel